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Artist lost in the woods.




Amber Petersen leads an odd life. She is a Canadian mixed media visual artist who also acts, produces, and is an all around creator of creative things. She recently moved away from city life, bouncing between Toronto and New York, to live in the deep woods of British Columbia's Sunshine Coast. Her dwarf rex rabbit, Teacup, is always by her side.




In visual art, Amber works primarily with acrylics and photography, and doesn't shy away from any artistic endeavour. Amber has studied art, acting, and filmmaking at the Victoria College of Art, Capilano University, and the University of Calgary. She recently took up working with metal and concrete.




"In my paintings, I am drawn to creating bold lines and bright colours- something that catches your eye. I want to illuminate a space. In my photography, however, I am drawn to the opposite. Neutral, muted colours and desolate spaces. Finding the beauty in things that aren't commonly thought of as beautiful. In both mediums, though the end product differs, the process is the same. The process is what inspires me to create. And that is the process of following an abstract idea down the rabbit hole, not knowing what will come of it. My art is very impulsive."




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A large part of Amber's work includes custom orders and portraits. She can be contacted at for inquiries.


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